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By: Monica Bou on Reliable and Detailed Home Appraisals

Top notch service and expertise, thank you Adam! 5 Stars!

By: Pierre Jacques on Reliable and Detailed Home Appraisals

I highly recommend Aladdin Appraisal for your real estate appraisal needs. Adam has great knowledge of the market and provides excellent customer service!

By: Gerard Lane on Reliable and Detailed Home Appraisals

I recommend this appraiser to anyone. He was efficient, understood the property and the importance of the appraisal, and was timely and effective in his work. The end report was professional and thorough. He also was minimally intrusive on the site, and had obviously done his background research prior to the engagement.

By: Dene Crystal on Reliable and Detailed Home Appraisals

Fast and friendly, concise and easy to understand documents. Highly recommended if you're thinking of selling your condo or house. Should consult Aladdin before listing as an FSBO. Good check measure against what Real Estate Agents would suggest is the list price.

By: Tiana Celesia on Reliable and Detailed Home Appraisals

You may think that all appraisals are the same but they are not! I learned this when I actually had my second appraisal of a property a few years later. When the appraiser was leaving after only a short visit I asked about measuring and was told they just "look it up". The team at Aladdin had taught me during an earlier appraisal to always measure because sometimes what is on record is wrong. You don't always have a choice of who does your appraisal but when you do, choose Aladdin!

By: Barry Gaiman on Reliable and Detailed Home Appraisals

Aladdin/Adam did a great job for me. I needed help with an abatement request, and Adam found several comparable properties for me including the best one missed by my town’s assessors office. Adam also helped me with the abatement form. Result – I received an abatement for more than $1000. Thanks again Adam

By: Andrew To on Reliable and Detailed Home Appraisals

The team at Aladdin was responsive, attentive, and prompt. Adam personally made sure my needs were met. The service I received was accurate. However, what set Aladdin apart was the helpful information they provided me. I was in the process of purchasing a home that appeared to be way above the comps, Adam did a thorough analysis on his appraisal of this property with all the details, history, and the neighborhood taken into consideration. I am a commercial real estate developer and an architect, so I know the property I wanted to buy has high value. His expertise and explanation on assessments, appraisals, and values were educational and insightful. It gave me all the tools I needed to make an informed decision. The benefit I got from working with Aladdin and Adam is not just getting an accurate appraisal, but to get invaluable information to make sound judgement. Fast forward to current time, the appraisal and analysis was so accurate, I made the right purchasing decision based on their work. Aladdin will always be part of my team in any future property purchases and analyses.

By: Zhang Yan on Reliable and Detailed Home Appraisals

Very happy experience with Aladdin. People are very responsive and patient during the whole process. Everything is very organized, from the quote and list of details they sent to me, to the end of receiving the final report. Adam is absolutely knowledgeable and professional, and he really listened to our needs. Definitely strongly recommend it.

By: Roberto Moura on Reliable and Detailed Home Appraisals

I can’t explain how happy I’m to have Aladdin Appraisal to take look on my house, very professional person take very good look on every single details, if you are looking for appraisal this is the person that will take care on you and your house .

By: Fang Cong on Reliable and Detailed Home Appraisals

Adam was very professional and responsive. The report came out fast and Adam set up a call to explain every aspect of the repot and addressed all my questions. Good service. Would recommend!